Spring Memories

The hints of an early spring bring out my longing to be back on the water with my camera again. I took these photos last spring in MD on a kayaking trip in Southern MD!




(All images above are my personal photos.)


Me VS The Forces of Time

Friends, family, and minions: In all my journeying, I’ve been remiss in updating you. So many adventures have sought me out! Nashville, New Orleans, and Asheville to name a few.

So here are some pictures!


The Solar Eclipse!

solarEclipse Nasa

Where in the world are you making your plans to see the Eclipse?

The solar eclipse is only a few weeks away! On August 21st, we’re going to have one heck of a day! Make no mistake either, it’ll be in the afternoon, at least in the US. I’m in the midst of planning travels to one of the regions where I’ll be able to fully see it. I’ll either end up in the Nashville, TN region or upstate SC region. If you’re unsure where to see the Solar Eclipse in your region or closest to your region, check out google and/or NASA. If you’re outside of the direct line of sight, you should still be able to see it, but you might not get the full experience.

If you still aren’t quite sure where you’ll be watching the eclipse, you can check out this link to see where the best places near you are:
North American Trajectory of Solar Eclipse

Make sure to have protective eye gear for it! Wouldn’t want to hurt your pearly eyes! 😉
The short and sweet of it is you need to make sure it’s ISO certified.
Are your glasses legit? More info here : Washington Post Guide to Eclipse Glasses

Psst, if you can’t see the eclipse, NASA has a livestreaming of it:
Click here for the live stream link!

Photo credit to: NASA

Sleep, Come Backkk!

chasing sleep

Sleeeeeeep, where are you?? Come back *echooo echoo echo*

Two months into my nomadic travels, head deep in reading others’ wanderlust blogs, I’ve found one of the things that seems to be skipped is how important sleep is. Seriously– it’s really hard to string comprehensive words together after a week of not nearly enough sleep.

I knew going into this experience that sleep was going to be crucial in my travels. But really, once you start gaining momentum, sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in the moment or in an experience.

Of the 10 days of camping at the Native American event,  the last four had me up shortly after the crack of dawn. I did not see my delightful sleeping bag until hours after twilight flew by. Following that, I stayed with a lovely gal who hosted me outside of Buffalo for about half a week. However, either through exploring the town, making new friends, and going on adventures, I again managed another 3 nights of sleep deprivation.

Wouldn’t trade it for the world, but I can tell you: boyyyyy, was I beat! After a certain point of tiredness, I begin feeling like a burnt marshmellow, only less delicious. Again, let me emphasize how difficult words become. Thank goodness for good natured friends who know me because I’m pretty sure I started to sound like a bumbling fool around this point. To trim the singed goop of my brain, it took about one solid day of mostly rest, and two days of intermittent napping and adventuring. That sleep deprivation stuff will knock you off your feet and onto your back!

Moral of the story? ::  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Udj-o2m39NA (Not quite SFW)

Comic credit: Shen of Bluechair comics, featured on Webtoons.

Follow the East Aurora Lights

From AOL

I’m currently staying in the cutest town called East Aurora. Follow the Northeastern lights, am I right?! Now, I can’t take credit for this picture, it’s from AOL, but puns. 😉 East Aurora is about 20 minutes outside of Buffalo, and boyyy is it cute!

::: ::: :::


Working mist-steam coming out of the giant coffee shop’s coffee cup!


The local art shop; it’s also gorgeous on the inside. Got to chatting with the artist inside, they also have regular classes and workshops.


The cute, old-fashioned neon lights movie theater on Main Street.


Guffaw worthy wine shop sign.


The shocking, but somehow warranted juxtaposition of this place next to places like this:


Ice cream from an old, converted train car? Yes please! The ice cream flavors are creative and delicious, Perry’s Ice Cream. *whispers: And if you push the button by the window, the little train on the top, which you can see, circles around on the mini train tracks!


Quirky places like this gem of a bookstore exist too.


The. Food. If you go to East Aurora, go to Elm Street Bakery. I tried their peanut butter granola, a couple of their baked goods, and their tea. BOOM. Done, in the best way.


Wandering around East Aurora last night, I stumbled onto this wonderful lit water fountain. At night, there’s not much right by it, so it was a wonderfully quiet, peaceful place to take off my shoes and dip my feet in the water.

I didn’t realize until I went looking for a bathroom that it was the front lawn for the Fisherprice Headquarters, a kids toy company. The building was locked, but looking in, I could see all the toys in the lobby. 😀 I was really pleased with the set up I noticed for their building: toys and lots of windows to look out at greenery. There are a number of musty office buildings which are poorly set up for their employees, but it was the opposite in there. Well done, Fisherprice, well treated employees are happier and more productive!


Lastly, I want to leave you with this thought: all over Mainstreet are trash cans like these. Each of the four sides has an environmentally slanted type of quote.


Cool Connecticut Camping (Literally)


Mist, lakes, outdoor exploration, and beach dancing! The title is more than just fun alliteration; the pictures start around a chilly 5:30 morning, exploring an upstate CT lake campsite, mid-June. ❤ Got a chance to play around with my Nikon. What’s your favorite picture and why? Comment below!

DSC_0058_005type A

^The mist rising off the lake, before the sun was up over the tree line.

DSC_0087_033type A

DSC_0106_008type A

^The mirror image from the calm lake water; playing with light shots.

DSC_0103_007type A

^The beach! (Later for the dancey-dancey bits 😉 )

DSC_0119_009type A

DSC_0129_012type A

DSC_0128_011type A

DSC_0127_010type A

DSC_0135_013type A

DSC_0182_016type A

^Beach dancing 1!

DSC_0191_017type A

^Beach dancing 2! Yes, there was partner dancing too.



Philly’s Quirky Love, Part 2

Every time I drive into this city at night, my silly little heart sings. The colored lights bounce off the tall buildings of the cityscape, and this yellow-filled moon night was no different. Saturday, June 10th saw Azula, my noble steel steed, and I cruising into the city for a weekend of dancing. arriving at the dance studio, I was greeted by a wave of humid air. This was followed closely by joyful greeting exchanges with my people. A night of blissful, wonderful music and dances then followed!

A friend was lovely enough to offer up a place to stay that was close to the venue, so I crashed hard into bed that morning around 5am. The next morning, my friend and I met up with another friend to grab brunch. We set off through the jungle, in the words of Axl Rose. It was boiling outside that Sunday. BOILING, I TELL YOU. It felt like walking through a concrete desert. We trecked through this arduous terrain till we reached the oasis of our brunch restaurant.

Amari’s was awesome! They had a live band playing Jazz, friendly waitresses, and a relaxing atmosphere. The brunch food was pretty good too. Since the three of us were dancers, we ended up dancing and partner switching while we waited for food. 🙂 Just before we left the waitresses and the band thanked us for dancing. One of the waitresses joked that they should have tipped us for being the entertainment. Needless to say, when we left, everyone inside and outside of the place was happier.

Following, we took our time wandering around, ending up in Malcolm X Park. As far as cities go, I can’t say I’m impressed by the amount of trash to be found in some parts of Philly. There was a lot of trash in the park, blowing around, not in a trash can. There were plenty of trash cans, mind you, the trash just wasn’t in them. Nonetheless we cat napped on some benches in the park, basking in the shade. Eventually we made our way back out, but as we were turning the corner I noticed a large, gorgeous, fluffy dog.

ShaneOddfellow Dog

Of course following good etiquette, I asked the lounging owner if I could pet his dog. Receiving an affirmative answer, I began to pet this wonderful dog and quite the conversation began! The man began to get up… and up… and up! He was quite tall and his face, no his whole body, was covered in tattoos! He had quite the beard going and what looked to be quite the comfortable kilt on. Here’s a shot of the two of us together, after the subsequent group chat:

ShaneOddfellow Titano Malcolm X Park

His name was Shane Oddfellow. Mr. Oddfellow is a Strongman, and yes that’s one word. His performer name is Titano Oddfellow. Boy, is he one cool, quirky individual! We spoke a lot of life values. Mr. Oddfellow explained that he grew up in a town where people believed in trying new things, and if you don’t like them once you try them, then you try something new. He said that belief was a large basis for moving forward in life and trying a lot of different things. He shared some of the different things he’s done through the years, carpentry, leather-work, acting, being a part of different acts, and Strongman work. He told me once he decided to break a world record not because he felt he had something to prove, but just to show naysayers that it could be done. In one audition, he picked a man up with a few props and only his teeth (check out the NYT link for pictures and a more full story).

Mr. Oddfellow has done a lot of traveling in his life and based on his conversation, really lives his life to the fullest! It was an absolute pleasure to talk to him, and if you’re interested in learning more about this courageous individual who marches to the beat of his own drums, check out his website or the article that the New York Times wrote and published on him!

His website: http://titanostrongman.com/

The day was followed by another night of music and dancing. That night was the night for Spruce Harbor Park! The place is gorgeous, as always. If you don’t already know about this hidden gem, check out more about it in my previous post, Philly’s Quirky Love, Part 1!

(All of the information and pictures about and with Shane Oddfellow were posted with his permission.)