Sleep, Come Backkk!

chasing sleep

Sleeeeeeep, where are you?? Come back *echooo echoo echo*

Two months into my nomadic travels, head deep in reading others’ wanderlust blogs, I’ve found one of the things that seems to be skipped is how important sleep is. Seriously– it’s really hard to string comprehensive words together after a week of not nearly enough sleep.

I knew going into this experience that sleep was going to be crucial in my travels. But really, once you start gaining momentum, sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in the moment or in an experience.

Of the 10 days of camping at the Native American event,  the last four had me up shortly after the crack of dawn. I did not see my delightful sleeping bag until hours after twilight flew by. Following that, I stayed with a lovely gal who hosted me outside of Buffalo for about half a week. However, either through exploring the town, making new friends, and going on adventures, I again managed another 3 nights of sleep deprivation.

Wouldn’t trade it for the world, but I can tell you: boyyyyy, was I beat! After a certain point of tiredness, I begin feeling like a burnt marshmellow, only less delicious. Again, let me emphasize how difficult words become. Thank goodness for good natured friends who know me because I’m pretty sure I started to sound like a bumbling fool around this point. To trim the singed goop of my brain, it took about one solid day of mostly rest, and two days of intermittent napping and adventuring. That sleep deprivation stuff will knock you off your feet and onto your back!

Moral of the story? :: (Not quite SFW)

Comic credit: Shen of Bluechair comics, featured on Webtoons.