Follow the East Aurora Lights

From AOL

I’m currently staying in the cutest town called East Aurora. Follow the Northeastern lights, am I right?! Now, I can’t take credit for this picture, it’s from AOL, but puns. 😉 East Aurora is about 20 minutes outside of Buffalo, and boyyy is it cute!

::: ::: :::


Working mist-steam coming out of the giant coffee shop’s coffee cup!


The local art shop; it’s also gorgeous on the inside. Got to chatting with the artist inside, they also have regular classes and workshops.


The cute, old-fashioned neon lights movie theater on Main Street.


Guffaw worthy wine shop sign.


The shocking, but somehow warranted juxtaposition of this place next to places like this:


Ice cream from an old, converted train car? Yes please! The ice cream flavors are creative and delicious, Perry’s Ice Cream. *whispers: And if you push the button by the window, the little train on the top, which you can see, circles around on the mini train tracks!


Quirky places like this gem of a bookstore exist too.


The. Food. If you go to East Aurora, go to Elm Street Bakery. I tried their peanut butter granola, a couple of their baked goods, and their tea. BOOM. Done, in the best way.


Wandering around East Aurora last night, I stumbled onto this wonderful lit water fountain. At night, there’s not much right by it, so it was a wonderfully quiet, peaceful place to take off my shoes and dip my feet in the water.

I didn’t realize until I went looking for a bathroom that it was the front lawn for the Fisherprice Headquarters, a kids toy company. The building was locked, but looking in, I could see all the toys in the lobby. 😀 I was really pleased with the set up I noticed for their building: toys and lots of windows to look out at greenery. There are a number of musty office buildings which are poorly set up for their employees, but it was the opposite in there. Well done, Fisherprice, well treated employees are happier and more productive!


Lastly, I want to leave you with this thought: all over Mainstreet are trash cans like these. Each of the four sides has an environmentally slanted type of quote.