Cool Connecticut Camping (Literally)


Mist, lakes, outdoor exploration, and beach dancing! The title is more than just fun alliteration; the pictures start around a chilly 5:30 morning, exploring an upstate CT lake campsite, mid-June. ❤ Got a chance to play around with my Nikon. What’s your favorite picture and why? Comment below!

DSC_0058_005type A

^The mist rising off the lake, before the sun was up over the tree line.

DSC_0087_033type A

DSC_0106_008type A

^The mirror image from the calm lake water; playing with light shots.

DSC_0103_007type A

^The beach! (Later for the dancey-dancey bits 😉 )

DSC_0119_009type A

DSC_0129_012type A

DSC_0128_011type A

DSC_0127_010type A

DSC_0135_013type A

DSC_0182_016type A

^Beach dancing 1!

DSC_0191_017type A

^Beach dancing 2! Yes, there was partner dancing too.